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roseweilant's Journal

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10 February 1989
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Rose Weilant lived a normal life, until she picked up an old book in the library, titled The Universe of the Four Gods. Her life changed from that moment on, as she was drawn into a terrifying, deadly quest to save a world she didn't even know. In her journey, she traveled from slave to warrior to priestess to empress, fighting alongside those dictated by destiny and those who were unfortunate enough to be drawn into her whirlwind.

Along the way, she fell in love with the warrior assigned to her protection, who happened to be the ruler of the kingdom she served, and discovered a twin she never knew she had. When the final battle settled and the world was saved, her reward was three wishes to do with what she pleased. Her final wish was to stay in the world she had grown to love.

So now she lives in a parallel Earth, where magic and sorcery lives, working to accept her new heritage, and to adapt to the life of an Empress, without modern life's comforts.

[This is an RP/Fic journal. I claim no ownership over any copyrighted material, nor any celebrities, but this OC, and her specific storyline, are mine.]

Social capital

  • less than 10